Timer Control Relay Module

I needed a simple timer control relay module for a project  I was working on for a client and found this one on E-bay for $4.47. It worked perfectly for my application and you can’t beat it for the price. This is a delay timer module with high performance, which is convenient and practical for users.

New upgrades to simplify, meeting the users’ needs. LED digital display, normally open and trigger delay 12V relay, can be triggered by external signals. This module is high-level trigger, counting time range is 0-999s. The use of opto isolated input and output, enhanced anti-jamming capability and consumption. The last setting parameters can be memorized after power off. With low consumption working mode, long-press the left key can control the LED display. To ensure stability, industrial grade PCB board.

Working mode: when powered on, relay doesn’t work. Trigger point connects with keys or PNP-type sensor, when high level triggers the relay begins to work, countdown delay. The relay will switch off when the delay time is out.

Timing Range: 0~999 seconds
Working Voltage: DC 12V
Output Capacity: Can Control the Load within DC 30V 10A or AC 250V 10A
Standby Current: 12mA
Working Current: 50mA
Working Temperature: -40~85°C
PCB Size: 65 * 35mm/ 2.56 * 1.4in (L * W)
PCB Weight: 24g / 0.87oz

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