Hurricane Irma & Solar Power

After taking a direct hit from Hurricane Irma DSP was without utility power for six days. Fortunately I have two solar power generators that provided all the power I needed for lighting, cooking, cooling, communications, computers and entertainment. My large 3.5 Kw generator was the backbone to my off the grid power needs and my small 300 watt portable generator ran my QRP (low power) HAM radios and laptop. This disaster proved what I already knew, emergency solar power is a must have in this day and age of uncertainty. While my neighbors gasoline powered generators were running out of gas and fuel was not easily obtainable I was just fine with my clean and quite renewable electricity sources. The damage to Puerto Rico’s power grid from Hurricane Maria also teaches us a very important lesson for the need of solar power. The extensive damage to Puerto Rico’s antiquated power grid will leave residents without power for possibly six months or even more in some areas. Heavy weather is not the only danger to the nations power grid. Major solar flares, hacker attacks or a electromagnetic pulse (EMP) strike could bring down the grid for extended periods of time leaving you in the dark. These dangers are real and you must prepare now before it’s too late. If you are interested in a affordable solar power generator to meet your basic electrical needs in case of a outage please contact me for a free consultation.

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