St. Petersburg Makerspace

I took a tour of the St. Petersburg maker space today and was so impressed I joined immediately. I am looking forward to spending a lot of my time there working on new inventions and projects.

What is a makerspace? Also known as hackerspaces, hackspaces, and fablabs, makerspaces are creative, DIY places where people with common interests gather to create, invent, collaborate, and learn. In an open community lab, workbench, machine shop, or workshop environment, people share resources and knowledge. Makerspaces often have 3D printers and various fabrication tools, and related software, electronics, craft and hardware supplies, and more.

St. Pete Makers is part of a growing global makerspace movement that is based on collaboration. We provide an opportunity for creators to connect with each other and with the larger community.  We are a collection of builders, makers, and artists. We promote science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics by providing resources, teaching classes, and participating in events. Our members use our makerspace to work on projects, share ideas, and help each other create that which they have envisioned. Visit for more information.

DSP Camera Slide

Here is a camera slide and a short demo video that I built. I obtained the parts from a German company named Igus that make industrial linear leveling equipment parts. For more information on these parts go to Igus’s website.  These slides are extremely portable,  work very well in tight spaces and give very smooth dolly effects. Drylin® W linear guides offer perfectly balanced friction for getting the shots you want. They are also extremely quiet and require zero oil, affording you hassle-free production.

This Igus DryLin W1040-A dry-lubricated camera slider has an anodized aluminum construction, a 1,000 mm long guide rail, and an adjustable carriage to mount video cameras for sliding and panning shots. With a 1,079 lb. static load capacity for supporting camera weight, the slider is dry lubricated for oil-free, low maintenance care, and its anodized aluminum construction is light in weight and resists corrosion and tarnishing. Camera equipment can be mounted to the camera slider’s 100 mm carriage plate. The carriage fits onto the 1,000 mm long guide rail for linear sliding that has four plastic bearings to help reduce sliding noise and friction. The camera slider’s resistance adjusts by tightening or loosening the carriage’s screws on the guide rail with an included Allen wrench, and it comes with four extra bolts to help prevent carriage misalignment. Holes can be drilled in the guide rail to mount the camera slider to tripods (sold separately) or other surfaces. The camera slider system is suitable for amateur and professional video applications.

Igus manufactures polymer chains and cables, linear guides, bearings, and other power transmission products for a variety of industries. The company, founded in 1964, is headquartered in Koln, Germany.

Amazon link to purchase this slide.