Astral Projection Goggles

DSP is proud to announce our new Astral Projection Goggles. Included in the kit is a VR Shinecon Directg-VR goggles, a BLU Android phone (for playing program audio/video) and a 32GB micro SD card. The video files included induce self hypnotic vibrational states for deep relaxation, lucid dreaming and out-of-body travel (OBE). As new programs are developed purchasers of the kit will receive the updates free of charge. Visit the DSP store to purchase this kit.

Falling asleep physically without losing awareness. The “Mind Awake, Body Asleep” state is widely suggested as a cause of OBEs and lucid dreaming, voluntary and otherwise. Thomas Edison used this state to tackle problems while working on his inventions. He would rest a silver dollar on his head while sitting with a metal bucket in a chair. As he drifted off, the coin would noisily fall into the bucket, restoring some of his alertness.  Salvador Dalí was said to use a similar “paranoiac-critical” method to gain odd visions which inspired his paintings. Deliberately teetering between awake and asleep states is known to cause spontaneous trance episodes at the onset of sleep which are ultimately helpful when attempting to induce an OBE. By moving deeper and deeper into relaxation, one eventually encounters a “slipping” feeling if the mind is still alert. This slipping is reported to feel like leaving the physical body.  Some consider progressive relaxation a passive form of sensory deprivation. Deep trance, meditation and visualization. The types of visualizations vary; some common analogies include climbing a rope to “pull out” of one’s body, floating out of one’s body, getting shot out of a cannon, and other similar approaches. This technique is considered hard to use for people who cannot properly relax. DSP’s Astral Projection Googles and programs makes it easy for anyone to enter these states without much practice and delivers a state of relaxation that most people never experience.



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